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While bankruptcy is often viewed as a bad thing because it follows financial distress, it often provides an opportunity for a fresh financial start. For the majority of filers, bankruptcy wasn’t even a result of poor money habits but was due to extreme circumstances beyond their control such as a serious injury, long-term illness, or job loss. No matter why you are in debt, the faster you take care of it via bankruptcy or other means, the faster you can move on with your life.

When filing for personal bankruptcy, your most important decision is which type of bankruptcy to choose. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows individuals or families to discharge most of their debts and to retain their home, automobiles, clothing and other essentials. If you have stable income, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to enter into a payment plan to catch up on payments that are delinquent, keep most of your property, and still discharge unsecured debt.

During the bankruptcy process, it’s vital to file accurate financial statements and to closely follow all required procedures. You must also avoid transactions that appear to be for the purpose of gaming the system such as selling assets to friends for less than they’re worth. Any missteps, omissions, or fraud can invalidate the bankruptcy and leave you with your debts. In the case of actual or apparent fraud, criminal charges are also possible.

To ensure your bankruptcy goes smoothly, contact Hubbell Law to guide you through the process. We proudly serve Crossett, Hamburg, McGehee, and surrounding Arkansas communities.


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