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Commercial Litigation

Disputes are simply a part of business. Shipments arrive late, payments are delayed, and people don’t follow through on their promises. Even if you try to protect yourself with strong contracts, it’s almost inevitable that at some point you’ll become involved in a business conflict that you can’t resolve without help.

Hubbell Law is here to help business owners in Dermott, Eudora, Crossett, and surrounding Arkansas. We believe in taking a problem solving approach to resolving conflicts. While you may want to have a wrong righted, the best solution is almost always to be flexible. Even if you are 100 percent in the right, going to court to prove it is expensive, time-consuming, and takes your focus away from profit-producing activities.

Our first step in any commercial litigation is to look for an amicable resolution. In many cases, a sternly worded letter on law firm letterhead may be enough. Other times, a negotiated settlement with a payment plan, lump sum settlement, or agreement to modify a contract can satisfy both sides and leave open the possibility of continuing in a healthy business relationship into the future.

Of course, we are fully prepared to fight for you in court if needed. Billy J. Hubbell has over 36 years of courtroom experience as a trial lawyer and is ready to take whatever steps are necessary to protect your business.

If need an experienced attorney to help you resolve a business dispute, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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