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Family Law

Family law cases are different than other cases — you aren’t just fighting for money, you’re trying to preserve family relationships and make sure your children are best provided for. If you’re looking for an experienced, caring attorney to guide you, turn to Hubbell Law. Principal attorney Billy Hubbell has spent years as a classroom teacher, juvenile judge, and in private law practice and is ready to assist you with any family law issue including the following matters.


Whether a divorce is amicable or highly contentious, a number of legal questions must be answered. Marital property must be fairly divided. If one spouse stayed home to raise children or to allow the other to pursue their own career, they may be entitled to spousal support. While you don’t want to give up your rights, it’s important to remember that no matter why you’re divorcing, it’s often better to try to work with your spouse to come up with an agreement that works best for everyone. However, if you need us to fight for you in court, we are fully prepared to do that as well.

Legal Separation

Legal separation is often the last step before divorce. When a marriage is having trouble, the spouses often use it as a trial period to see if they want to go through with the divorce. Legal separation requires coming to agreement on all issues that must be resolved in divorce including who gets the house, dividing other property, possible spousal support, and how the children should be cared for.

Child Custody and Support

When determining child custody and support, the court takes into account what is in the best interests of the child. While decisions regarding children are some of the most emotionally charged, it’s important to put everything else aside and focus on helping the court objectively see how you can best provide for your children.

If you’re in Crossett, Lake Village, or the surrounding Arkansas communities and need help with a family law case, contact Hubbell Law today.


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