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General Litigation

Litigation is the term used to cover the process of handling legal disputes. In litigation, the end is often presenting a case to a jury at trial and maybe going through several rounds of appeals, but litigation also includes possible intermediate steps of negotiation, arbitration, mediation, motions to dismiss, and all of the other steps leading up to a trial. This is opposed to the transactional side of law where the goal is to complete wills, contracts, and other tasks of a non-adversarial nature.

Two traits frequently define a successful litigation attorney — hard working and experienced. While who is right under the law does affect who wins, it takes long hours of preparation to be able to present the evidence and the law in a way that the judge or jury understands which side is right. Litigation also requires attorneys to think on their feet, master quirky rules of evidence and other technical procedures, and to have a strong understanding of tactics. It’s difficult to develop these traits without years of experience in the courtroom.

Billy Hubbell has more than 36 years as a trial lawyer. He has handled capital murder trials, defamation claims, and lawsuits against banks. Few attorneys have spent as much time in the courtroom or seen as many trials. If you’re looking for an experienced litigation attorney in Arkansas near Crossett, Ashley County, or the surrounding areas, contact Hubbell Law today.


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