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Personal Injury

Even though the term “accident” generally means that no one intended for it to happen, people who cause accidents are generally legally responsible for compensating anyone who was injured for their losses. This is because while accidents may not be intended, they are almost always caused by the negligence or recklessness of one of the involved parties.

Often, the cause is a failure to follow safety procedures. Maybe a driver was speeding or ran a red light or a store worker failed to properly secure a display. Other times, the cause may be an oversight such as a business failing to clear its icy sidewalk or not noticing that a customer had spilled a liquid in the middle of an aisle.

If those or other negligent behaviors are shown to have caused an injury, the injured person will have a claim for any damages they suffered. These could include immediate medical expenses, followup treatment or medication, rehabilitation, lost time from work, and compensation for any long-term or permanent disabilities that affect the person’s ability to work or enjoy their life as they had before.

After an accident, you may receive a settlement offer for an immediate payment as your bills start to pile up. It’s important that you know your full out-of-pocket and other financial losses and that you fully understand your legal rights before deciding to accept a settlement offer. To schedule a consultation to discuss your injury and what compensation may be available, contact Hubbell Law today. We proudly serve Crossett, Hamburg, Monticello, and surrounding Arkansas communities.


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