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Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability benefits protect workers who suffer a permanent or long-term disability due to illness or an injury. Unfortunately, the process for obtaining benefits can be incredibly difficult. Most first-time applicants are denied. In many cases, this isn’t because they shouldn’t be receiving benefits but because of how applications are processed.

The Social Security Disability application process is one of the finest examples of government bureaucracy. When applications are reviewed, they are checked for specific buzzwords, and medical documentation must be presented in the proper format on the proper form. Discretion is not used when applications are processed, and even those who are obviously disabled can find their claim denied on a technicality.

If a claim is denied, there is a multi-step appeals process. Appeals work their way up to higher levels of the Social Security Administration and often result in an administrative hearing. This process is similar to a courtroom hearing or trial, but occurs in front of a judge affiliated with the Social Security Administration. If a claim is still denied, the applicant may eventually be able to take their case to federal court and have their claim heard by an actual judge.

While these appeals are available, it’s far better to try to get it right the first time. Contact an experienced social security disability attorney at Hubbell Law in Crossett, Arkansas, for help putting together your initial application. If your application has been denied, contact us as soon as possible to minimize the chances that you will have to go through multiple rounds of appeals and have your benefits delayed for months or longer.


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